Emerald Tool Inc. / Designers and Manufacturers of Precision Tooling, Fixtures, Gages and Custom Machinery

Emerald Tool is a leader in supplying high quality precision tooling, fixtures, gages and custom machinery. Today’s customers and manufacturers increasingly rely on trusted, experienced supply chain partners to provide the proper tooling for the application correctly and on time. Emerald Tool can do this for you.

Emerald Tool is known for:

  • Knowledgeable, trained staff
  • Clean, organized, professionally managed facility
  • Modern, well maintained processing equipment
  • High quality standards
  • Working with customers to anticipate future needs
  • Designers and builders of high tolerance and high quality tooling
  • Reverse engineering skills for components and assemblies no longer available
  • Providing turnkey manufacturing solutions
  • Working with municipalities to rebuild and or repair industrial equipment
  • Individual component machining
Custom Engineering | Reverse Engineering | Made in USA


custom-partWith over 20 years of experience serving a wide range of industries, Emerald Tool can handle projects small to large.
Industries Severed

Municipal Industrial Equipment

municipal-water-pumpsIf your municipal industrial equipment is not working correctly or needs to be rebuilt, including components that are no longer available, Emerald Tool is your source.
Municipal Industrial Equipment Rebuild

Small • Large • Precision • Prototype

hp-industriesEmerald Tool has a versatile line of equipment and skill to satisfy your part needs.
Custom Part Design