The Hopper Slide

The Hopper Slide is designed to control your plastic injection molding machine hopper from the manufacturing floor, eliminating the need to climb up to the hopper. With one easy to use control, the operator can empty any remaining material into storage through a hose attached to the Hopper Slide. This system promotes safety and ergonomics while saving valuable time and material.
The Hopper Slide can be adapted to fit your injection molding machine and is warranted for (1) year against manufacturers defects in workmanship.

The Hopper Slide Benefits:


  • Adapts to any size plastic molding machine
  • Engineered for a lifetime of ergonomic use
  • Increases profits
  • Reduces risk of employee injury
  • Quick material changeover
  • Eliminates spillage
  • Easily returns material to storage
Powered Hopper Slide – Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 34-1/2″ (Length) x 15-1/8″ (width) x 8″ (Height) (Less discharge tube)
Cycle Time: 10 seconds from load to unload position
Voltage: 120 VAC single phase
Motor specs: 1/2 Hp. Variable Frequency Drive 3.5 amps Electronically fused
Duty Cycle: Continuous (Limited switches automatically stop slide at load and unload positions)

Manual Hopper Slide – Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 24″ (Length) x 10-1/2″ (width) (Less handle assembly) x 5″ (Height) (Less discharge tube)
(3) Lockable positions for (Intake – Purge – Discharge)
Reversible construction allows for operator handle and position latches to be located on opposite side

Bearing Construction: Sealed linear reciprocating ball bearings traveling on hardened and ground shafts
Warranty: One (1) year against manufacturers defects in workmanship